The bass soloist, as you’ll remember from JSB’s Passion settings, is Christ, who responds in comely, roseate fashion, “Seek that you find my grace all sufficient” and he gets his own string ensemble accompaniment the old codgers don’t. […] Christ’s response, in this case Sebastian Myrus, […], is expansive, assured and serene, ending with a bottom D.
Verse 5 [of BWV 4] has a bass soloist with the full body of strings. Sebastian Myrus makes a clear presentation of Luther’s hymn with dignity and solemnity, which contrasts provocatively with the graphic text, “Christ roasted in burning love”, and the regal backing and expansion from the strings and, at times voice, as at the melisma on “Kreuzes Stamm” (0:49), “Trunk of the cross”, emphasising the physicality of the sacrifice. Yet, in another contrast, Myrus’s hallelujahs are a refined dance.
(musicweb international)